Monday, 6 September 2010

Sarah Dixon's Writing on Tears

(Photos: Sarah Dixon and Persephonie Dixon by Judie Waldmann)

In preparation for the sharing of work at Dance Exchange, (August 2010), some of the participants were asked if they wanted to contribute to the event in ways other than film and dance. Sarah Dixon responded through a piece of writing:

Dance on Tears
"Tears fall from our eyes through emotions, reflex and basal tears. We have been dancing as a wonderful group to show how tears work for us. Magically presenting the 3 reasons why we cry emotions run through our hearts hurting our soul so tears will stream across our face while our hearts deal with the pain.
Reflex tears will arise through pain or irritation towards our eyes. Tears will wash away to clean our gate way to our soul from dirt or pain.
Basal tears protect our eyes each and every minute of the day. They only stop once we sleep. Movements
Some of us our gentle and elegant. Some of us are loud and proud with movements. "
Sarah Dixon

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