What is a blog?
A blog is an interactive website that allows people to share and discuss ideas and experiences using images, text, video and sound.

Can anyone comment on The Study of Tears blog?
Yes. Anyone can comment on the blog.

How do I comment on blog posts?
To post a comment, follow the steps below:
  1. Select and click the word 'Comment' below the post you wish to comment on.
  2. Write your comments in the comments box.
  3. From the drop-down menu (next to the words 'Comment as') select your preferred login profile and log-in.
  4. Once you have written your comment and logged in, select and click the words 'Post Comment'. Thats it!

NOTESIf you select 'Google Account' as your login profile you will be shown a new page to enter your Google login details.

If you do not have a Google account, you will need to create a new account. To create a new account select the words 'Create An Account Now'.

You can create a new Google (and Study of Tears blog) login account, using your existing email address. Once this is registered with Google you can use this email address to login to the blog and post comments.

What is a 'Post'?
A post is a single entry on the blog. As you will see, this blog already has many posts on it. These contain video clips, photos and text. A post can also include URL links to other web-pages and websites. 

How do I create a new post?
You need to be a blog Author to create posts on this blog.

What is a blog Author?
A blog Author is a contributor to the blog who can add comments and create new posts containing text, photos and videos. 

How do I become a blog Author so that I can create posts?
To become a blog Author you need to be invited. If you are invited you will receive an email from Project Volume asking if you would like to contribute to the blog.

The email will contain a link to the Google login page. To accept the invitation, you simply need to enter your username and password. If you do not have a Google email account, you can create a new Google account using your existing email address.

Once you have created and logged in to your Google account, check your Google profile settings. Your account settings includes a section where you can create and edit posts on The Study of Tears blog! 

How do I format text (words) in my posts?
When posting text please use the following settings: 
  • Font style:   VERDANA
  • Font size:    NORMAL
  • Font colour: BLACK.

How do I know if someone has replied to my post?
If you press the 'subscribe' link next to your post, you will receive an email notification whenever someone replies to it.

How can I post pictures on the blog?
You need to be a blog Author create posts on this blog. If you are a blog Author you can post  pictures by just clicking the image icon in the post editor's toolbar. 
When you click this icon, you'll get a window that allows you to select an image or multiple images from your computer. Click the Browse button to locate the ones you want. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of an image that's already online and insert it into your post.

How can I post videos on the blog?
You need to be a blog Author to create posts on this blog. If you are a blog Author and already have a video on your computer, you can upload it to your blog as follows:

  1. Click the VIDEO UPLOAD icon on the post editor toolbar (see diagram below).
  2. In the pop-up window, click "Browse" to find the video on your computer.
  3. Enter a title for your video. For example, 'My Video About Tears'.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions (if this is your first video upload).
  5. Click "Upload Video."
  6. Wait until your video has finished uploading before you navigate away from the upload page. The video upload may take a few minutes.

    View the video below for extra help.

    I have created a comment/post but it has not appeared on the blog! Why not?
    All content displayed on this blog is moderated by Project Volume. This means that, before your post appears on the blog, we first need to check that it does not contain any inappropriate content. If your post is accepted, it should appear on the blog within 48 hours. Contributors to this blog must follow our rules on posting. For details read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    Why are the images and video clips taking such a long time to load?
    For faster download time, we recommend you view this blog using a high speed internet connection (broadband).

    Can I watch the videos full screen?
    Yes, you can. The default dimensions for the video are 320 x 256 pixels, which is quite small. 

    However, there is a button on the video controller, (located to the far right of the Play/Pause button), which allows you to watch video full screen. The button is rectangular in shape and resembles a computer monitor. Click the button to play the video full screen. 

    Once the video has finished playing, click the button again, (or press the ESC key on your keyboard), to return the video to normal size.

    Who is responsible for this site?
    Project Volume is responsible for setting up and managing this blog. 

    How do I get in touch with Project Volume?
    You will find our contact details by visiting the following link